Unstable Patio Window Causing Concern

When my family were looking to move to this current house, we had a short plan of action – a few criteria that were sacrosanct.  We’d lived in our last house for over 14 years with what turned out to be pretty ropey single glazed aluminium framed windows and doors, and a huge, possibly illegal single glazed patio window and door that went right the way across the back of the house.  We didn’t think about it at the time of viewing, only being impressed with the amount of uninterrupted sunny garden and expanse of open farm land beyond the fence.   We did wonder later on why this big unstable structure was never raised as a concern by our mortgage  surveyor.  Fortunately we were able to use that point when our buyer’s mortgage application stalled on that very aspect.  We pointed out that we’d been granted a mortgage and had lived there incident free all those years.  But we made sure our new house had the safest most up to date upvc windows and doors affordable!