Solar Shading Options For Garden Safety

Until just a few short years ago, there was very little need for a great deal of shading in our gardens – our part of the northern hemisphere has hitherto been less affected by the searing heat of the sun.  these days however, climate change is affecting every corner of the globe, UK included.  We see this difference in our weather patterns which now include regular massive rain falls that completel overwhelm different areas at very short notive, to unbelievable heat and unrelenting dry weather – with not enough water.  These extremes at one time seemed like a science fiction nightmare sub script but is here now for us to try to live whith whilst we find solutions to the every day problems.  Garden shading is one area that is being satisfied by way of solar shading.  From patio awnings that enhance, protect and prolong the use of terraces to solar shaded garden pods for entertaining without the danger of being exposed to damaging rays.   The choice is there, the knowledge may not yet be!