Shadier Gardens Offer Safer Relaxation Time

When you’re looking at properties with a view to purchasing the ‘special forever home’, check out the space outside and where shady areas compared to the sunny ones can make such a difference once you’re in there and living the life.   South facing gardens offer the most of the sunshine hours for longer periods and are therefore the most sought after.  However a home with a north facing garden can offer a compromise by allowing for a lush outdoor space.  The green areas stay greener for longer and need less watering and attention.   A living shed can also offer space potential and not be baked like a sauna if the sun is not directly on it.   Although the south facing garden will be sunnier, this means there’s very little shade when we need it – you end up buying garden parasols and umbrellas to keep off the harmful rays!  A shadier plot with lush greenery is good for the planet  and our mental well being – sitting out amongst the large hostas and leafy greenery is much more restful than baking under the sun.