Overdoing The Rays – The Danger Zone

In the deep mid winter it can be a tad difficult to imagine the heat and glare of a summer’s day.  Those long hot hours spent in the garden under a parasol, shifting uncomfortably to get that bit of let or arm out of the burning rays.    Whilst we enjoy the benefits and good feelings out this hot weather, we rarely think of it being dangerous and thinking we want to get back to the cloudy and muggy days of winter when the pounding rain comes at a moment’s notice!   Being prepared for all evenualities is difficult to achieve – in the heat we need to have robust sun protection cream or lotion that can help us withstand quite a long time out in the glare – we are only just taking this matter seriously now, in fact many older ladies still lather on ordinary suntan oil without any discernable uV protection.   That ever present desire to be the most heavily tanned lass on the block far outweighs any concerns about burning the skin and creating massive problems down the line.