Needing Solar Shading To Protect Skin & Eyes

I do love a good craft video on the well known station where folk place ‘how to’ information.  There are a couple of really fantatic knitting and crafting sites that I follow regularly.  I’m always amazed how professional they appear with all the lighting techniques at their finger tips.  Never do we get the glaring sunfest that a home movie can often turn out to be.  Two of my faves must be in hot sunny climes in the US.  They all have aircon or desk fans when demonstrating their craft.   Only a couple seem to look as cool a cucumbers and they say they are lucky to have excellent solar shading.  Most of the others work wth large straw panels placed around them like a mini room within a room.   The heat of their summer or autumn cannot be compared to our own conditions which are not truly extreme.  Other nationalities have gotten used to their weather patterns and we are only just now getting the hang of avoiding dangerous midday sun rays.  These are bad for our skin and eyes.  Solar shading is essential for shading against the worst excesses.