Keep Glazed & Solar Panels Clear Of Leaf & Shadow

There’s been a slow shift from the glories of a hot summer back to the beginnings of a damp and chilly autumn.  Every morning now there’s damp mistiness.  In fact is was so misty this morning, everything looked really eerie outside, over the wall underneath the nearby street lights.  It fact it was very like Narnia, from the favourite childrens’ tale.   No need to shade anyone from sunlight in this phase of the year.  We need to keep windows and glazed panels as clear as possible throughut the autumn and winter so that we can see clearly.  This goes for roof mounted solar panels too and those placed in fields and gardens.  The mini commercial panels need to be cleaned of leaves, mud splashes and shadows to work at optimum effeciency.  There are solar systems that can work in acutely challenging environments but of course this means the resulting power is diminished in some way because of the effort to produce it!