Good Lawns Really Do Set The Garden

There can’t be anything nicer than a good sized garden in which to while away the hours between sleeping, eating and working. . . . .  I like nothing more than a good hour, pair of tough gardening gloves, a couple of tools in hand to de-weed a whole patch in one go.  It is fantastically therapeutic!  Getting the grass to resemble a lawn can sometimes be a one sided struggle but with the help of a weed and feed product, it’s possible to make that patch of rough old hemp to come up very well.  The granules should only be applied when there’s rain forecast and even better if applied after a good shower to start with.  Careful measuring is important, I use two 7 inch plant pots, one inside the other to form a ‘sieve’ effect,  so as not to apply too heavily to one area.  The weed killing element tends to burn the grass if applied in a drought situation.  In fact, if rain doesn’t appear within 47 hours of application, a good manual watering is necessary.  But the effort is well worthwhile and a lovely green weedfree lawn can be possible.