Filter Blazing Sunlight But Keep The Warmth

Just at the moment whilst we are in the middle of winter, it’s jolly hard to recall the extreme heat of last summer.  Our summers are definitely getting hotter – we don’t need the scientists and environmentalists to warn us about this fact.  We used to laugh about summer holidays on British beaches – sodden affairs, and that wasn’t sea water – it was us all huddled under raincoats and umbrellas.  But we do have longer, hotter summer months starting in May, a brief rainy week in June, then back to full blast from end June through to end September.  However fab it is to have this heat, we have to take care, slapping on the factor 50 protection against these seriously strong rays.  In the ome we can have venetian blinds which filter the sunlight but keep out the glare, there are also now wonderful louvered shutters available, like they have in all the US states, but there they keepout the humidity too.  Not usually a problem in UK – yet.